Welcome to the Mrozek Family Photo Album

This website is for the Mrozek Family from Chicago, Illinois. For the most part we resided in the Grand/Austin area of Chicago before spreading out across the city with recent generations.

We know there are multiple groups with the Mrozek last name (the sites creator has a person with same name in Minneapolis who is a doctor), so if there is some relation to these other Mrozek's we do not know, but would like to.

You need to be registered to have access to this site as we would like only people we know to at least intially access the site and upload photos and set relations. When you register the owners of the site will review your registration and either approve or if not will let you know why.

We have pictures of family members going back over 100 years that we are digitizing and will be uploading to this photo album. Our problem is we do not know who some of these people are, their relationship to the family and that is where we need help. Once you have access, please make comments as to who the people are in photos, their relationship to each other and possibly relationship to modern day relatives.